Clinical Results

Flyte is backed by strong clinical evidence

Flyte was studied in patients with stress urinary incontinence (SUI) in two key studies including a 119 patient, multi-center double blind, randomized trial, one of the largest of its kind for an in-home SUI treatment.

Single-Center Study at Arctic University of Norway

Pelvic floor training 5 mins/day for 4-6 weeks using Flyte™ (n=60 female SUI patients; mean age=47; all referred for surgery)

  • 1-hour standard volume stress tests to measure urine lost and captured in incontinence pads 
  • After 6 weeks, 82.9% of patients were continent (defined as ≤4g leakage)
  • Urine leakage decreased from a mean of 20.3g +/- 12.2g to 1.5g +/- 6.7g
  • Patients (n=36) followed for 2 years; 77% reported continued continence at the 2-year mark; none underwent surgery

120-Patient SUI Multi-Center, Randomized, Double-Blind, Controlled Study in United States

  • Final enrollment: n=119 patients. 5 mins/day treatment sessions for 12 weeks; Control group crossed over to treatment at week 6
  • 24-hour pad weight tests to measure urine lost and captured in incontinence pads
  • Within 2 -12 weeks, 71% of patients were dry or near dry (defined as < 10 g leakage in 24 hours)
  • At 6 weeks, 81% of patients were responders. At 12 weeks, 91% of patients were responders (defined as ≥ 10% reduction in leakage)
  • 21.4 grams mean reduction in pad weight, yielding 57% to 300% better outcomes and requiring at least 83% less treatment time than competitive products using electrical stimulation, based on published studies

Flyte is proven to reduce bladder leaks - both frequency and volume.

Before starting therapy with Flyte, patients in our US clinical trial experienced bladder leaks daily – between 10 – 500 grams a day. Twelve weeks into clinical trial, patients saw a dramatic reduction in leaks, most leaking 0 – 10 grams.

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Flyte is proven to improve the quality of life for women with stress urinary incontinence.




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Stop coping. Start treating at home.

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