Babies leak. Mom's shouldn't!

One in three women women experience bladder leaks within four years of childbirth. But leaks do not have to be part of motherhood! 

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Break free from bladder leaks with Flyte

Flyte is right

How Flyte works

  • Insert the medical-grade silicone wand inside your vagina like you would insert a tampon
  • Flyte delivers a series of gentle pulses while guiding you through Kegels
  • Use for 5 minutes per day for 6 weeks (standard treatment time)
  • Your body responds to Flyte's gentle pulses creating a stronger pelvic floor & better bladder control
  • Flyte does not use electrical stimulation

Why consider Flyte

  • Effective: In clinical study, 82.9% of women were continent in 6 weeks
  • Long-lasting results: In same study, 77% of women reported continued continence at two year follow-up; none underwent surgery
  • Fast & convenient: Our standard treatment time is 5 minutes per day for six weeks in the privacy of your home
  • 1st of its kind treatment: Flyte uses the proven modality of mechanotherapy to stimulate a cellular response, strengthening pelvic floor muscles and improving bladder control
  • Performance guarantee: If Flyte doesn't work for you, simply return it within 3 months for a full refund
  • Expert education and support: Free access to our Ask a PT service, staffed by pelvic floor physical therapists

Flyte is the first and only treatment of its kind

See how Flyte works from Leah Fulker, PT, DPT

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