So You’re Postpartum…

Now What?

You find out you’re pregnant, you grow your sweet little baby for 9 months and your body does that incredible thing called childbirth.

Six weeks later, you’re cleared by your doctor to “return to all activities”. You’re totally eager, but your body feels totally different than it did before pregnancy and childbirth. I mean…you birthed a baby (no matter cesarean or vaginal).

So…where to begin?

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Free webinar:

Navigating your pelvic health at all stages of life after childbirth

July 14th at 6:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time)

Presented by Shravya Kovela, PT, DPT, OCS - Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, Board-specialized in Orthopedics, and Business Development Manager at Flyte


Meet Shravya

Shravya Kovela, PT, DPT, OCS is passionate about tackling the huge disparity that exists in healthcare for females. Shravya is a pelvic floor expert who is excited to share her knowledge with you!

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, orthopedic residency graduate and board-specialized orthopedic clinical specialist, I am especially skilled in treating each individual person with a strong holistic and evidence-based perspective. I developed a deep passion for pelvic health once I unlocked the key to my own sacroiliac/hip pain as pelvic-related pain and sought care. I completed additional training in pelvic health specialty courses through Herman & Wallace Institute and feel strongly that my role as a physical therapist includes advocating for greater resources for pelvic health care for all people. My treatment approach includes an emphasis on manual therapy, functional movement retraining, muscle energy techniques, holistic care, and a goal-oriented approach. I believe empathy and compassion are a key treatment component to reach long-term, sustainable results.

Listen to Shravya on Flyte's Pelvic Floor at Its Core Podcast!

After this 45-minute webinar, with time for questions available, you’ll have a better idea of how to navigate your body’s health after childbirth.

Whether a few days or several years postpartum, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of the pelvic floor, what to watch out for, what to prevent, and great resources to take advantage of today or keep in your back pocket.

You will learn all about:

  • What exactly your pelvic floor is
  • What changes are normal after childbirth (and what aren’t)
  • Common conditions (that are not normal!) of the pelvic floor
  • When to seek care for any issues, and what type of care (ex: pelvic PT) to seek
  • How to advocate for yourself to get your pelvic floor checked out or finding postpartum care
  • Options and resources available to you for improving your pelvic health (such as Flyte – treat your bladder leaks in 5 mins/day! Read more at

Did you know that Flyte helps you

strengthen & tone your pelvic floor after having a baby?

(that means no more peeing your pants!)

Flyte is unique. It's not an e-stim device and it's not a Kegel trainer.

In just 5 minutes a day for 6 weeks, most women are feeling dry, confident, and worry-free.

See how Flyte works from Leah Fulker, PT, DPT, one of our pelvic floor physical therapists

Learn more about the science inside the Flyte wand

What moms say about using Flyte

So glad I did this 

"I was 8 months postpartum and still not feeling ready to do jumping jacks and other cardio in my classes as I continued to feel pelvic floor weakness and leaking. I was working with a physical therapist and was seeing results in other aspects but not specifically my pelvic floor. She suggested Flyte. After about 4 weeks of use I started to notice an improvement and getting back to my classes without any issues or weakness. Using Flyte has also helped me to know how to do a proper kegel exercise and how to activate my pelvic floor. I am so glad this was an option for post partum use. More emphasis is needed on helping mamas heal post partum! So thankful for Flyte and their team!!" 

Amy, reviewed on May 4, 2022

After 4 weeks my issues have almost completely resolved

"I had twins a year ago, and my pelvic floor was in rough shape afterwards - SUI, urgency, pain. I did a 12 week course of pelvic floor PT, and that helped. But the benefits I saw only lasted a few months before I started to regress, even though I was keeping up with the PT exercises at home. I found Flyte and thought I'd give it a try, instead of jumping into another round of PT.

I've been using it daily, along with pelvic floor stretching, for 4 weeks and my issues have almost completely resolved. PT has its place, and I'm glad I did it - I wouldn't have known to stretch as well as strengthen without PT. But it's a huge time commitment that I just don't have time for as a working mom of twins. Plus, it's invasive and awkward, no matter how wonderful the PT herself is. Using my Flyte plus my stretching routine takes just 10-15 minutes per day, at a time when I can fit it in, and I can do it in the comfort and privacy of my own space. I also like that I can come back to it as the need arises once I complete the initial 6 weeks."

Virginia, reviewed on April 8, 2022

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