SUI Questionnaire

This Questionnaire for Urinary Incontinence Diagnosis (QUID) can help you determine if your bladder leaks are primarily stress (SUI), urge or mixed. You can also use it to start a conversation with your doctor and help determine if Flyte is right for you.

Quiz w/ email capture

Do you leak urine (even small drops) or experience bladder leaks ...

...when you cough or sneeze? *
...when you bend down or lift something up? *
...when you walk quickly, jog or exercise? *
...while you are undressing in order to use the toilet? *
Do you get such a strong and uncomfortable need to urinate that you leak urine (even small drops) or wet yourself before reaching the toilet? *
Do you have to rush to the bathroom because you get a sudden, strong need to urinate? *

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