When to talk with your healthcare professional

If you've started using Flyte, you might be wondering, when do I call my doctor or healthcare professional? When do I contact Pelvital customer care? Here are some tips:

Stop using Flyte and call your healthcare professional for medical questions or concerns:

  • I am experiencing unusual pelvic pain, irritation, spotting or bleeding
  • I think I might have an infection
  • I think I might be pregnant

Contact Pelvital when you have a question about Flyte such as:

  • I am not sure how to use Flyte
  • I am not sure how to contract my muscles with the Flyte wand
  • I want to sign up for the Flyte follow up program
  • I don’t think my Flyte device is working properly

You can also review the support content for information and answers about Flyte.