Forbes Shines Light on the Importance of Women’s Health

Flyte’s President and CEO, Lydia Zeller, was featured in a recent Forbes article about the importance of pelvic floor health. The article, entitled “The Rise and Importance of Women’s Pelvic Floor Health Awareness”, discusses the importance of health equity and the significant gaps in care that exist in women’s pelvic floor health.  

Zeller says, “It is completely unacceptable that a problem this large [urinary incontinence] has historically been kept quiet and stigmatized, with women being led to believe that bladder leaks are part of being a mom or part of growing older. Bladder leaks are very common – but they are not normal and women do not need to accept them as part of life.”

Check out this Forbes feature article by Marija Butkovic to learn more about ways innovators – including Flyte – are addressing these gaps in the context of significant challenges in both awareness and access to care.