Bladder Leak Treatments

The first and only
treatment of its kind

Flyte is the only at-home intravaginal device that uses mechanotherapy and biofeedback to treat SUI:

  • mild, moderate or severe bladder leaks
  • both frequency & volume
  • Flyte wand inside is placed in the vagina and delivers therapy while you do Kegels
  • 5 minutes a day for 6 weeks
  • in clinical study, 82.9% of women were continent in only 6 weeks after using Flyte

Learn more in our Meet Flyte video. Take a deeper dive in our second video, featuring Dr. Nakib, and learn about SUI and Flyte's clinical results.

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Treat leaks before they get worse

Why Flyte?

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Get real-time feedback during each
five-minute session. 90% of Flyte users said it was simple & easy to use 



Flyte uses the body's natural healing response to strengthen pelvic floor muscles.



Flyte amplifies the benefits of a Kegel by 39 times, helping you see results faster. In clinical trial, 82% of Flyte users were continent at 6 weeks

You have questions, we have answers

Ask about bladder leaks, the pelvic floor or Flyte. Get answers from Leah, our pelvic floor physical therapist. Talk for free. No sales pressure. Just answers.

Childbirth Bladder Leaks

1 in 3 women

reports bladder leaks within four years of childbirth

Urinary Incontinence

Nearly 50%

of women ages 50–80 had urinary incontinence in the past year

Athlete Incontinence

177% higher risk

athletes have a higher risk of urinary incontinence, compared to inactive women

Try Flyte risk-free

See better bladder control in six weeks or your money back. Buy now.

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Flyte comes from the Norwegian word “flytte,” which connotes freedom — from pads, from surgery, to enjoy life! Discover more about Flyte’s Norwegian origins.

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