Is Flyte right for me?

Curious about Flyte? Wondering if it can help you? Here are some steps to take:

  • Take the SUI questionnaire. Only a healthcare professional can diagnosis you, but the questionnaire can give you insight into the type of incontinence you have. Flyte is designed to strengthen and treat weakened pelvic floor muscles – a cause of stress urinary incontinence.


  • Take a look at the Flyte contraindications. If none of these apply to you, Flyte might be a solution to try. (If Flyte is not a solution, the Pelvital team encourages you to consult with a healthcare professional to understand other treatment options. Bladder leaks can be treated.)


  • Talk to a healthcare professional. While Flyte is available with and without a prescription, there’s no substitute for a clinical consultation and medical advice provided by a doctor or nurse practitioner.


  • Think about if you’re:
    • Comfortable with using an intravaginal device. We get it. Some women won’t be and that’s OK. Others will weigh the benefits and decide to try it.
    • Able to commit to using Flyte for 5 minutes per day for the 6-week standard treatment time. While Flyte requires one of the shortest treatment times compared to other home-use treatments, it will require your time.