How much do bladder leaks cost you?

If you experience bladder leaks, you know that it can affect your quality of life. But what about your pocketbook? What do bladder leaks cost?

Like many women, you may be using products like liners, pads or leakproof underwear to cope. These products can be extremely helpful. (What would we do without them?!) But they help you live with leaks, instead of improving bladder control. And over time, the costs of pads really add up.  

One study published in 2008 estimated that women with stress urinary incontinence (SUI) pay an average of $750 per year in products as well as laundering. Women in the study, who were considering surgical solutions for SUI, were willing to pay nearly $1,400 per year to be cured of bladder leaks. It’s easy to see why. It can be quite costly to live with leaks.

Of course, costs vary according to severity, frequency, type of incontinence and type of product. But it’s easy enough to calculate how much money you spend.  

The good news is there are solutions to consider, including Flyte In-Home Pelvic Floor Treatment. Flyte is a clinically proven treatment that is less than what many spend in coping supplies per year. And it comes with a money back performance guarantee. Treating bladder leaks with a product like Flyte is a good investment because leaks often get worse over time, which means there’s no end to the money spent on coping supplies.

Want to break this cycle? Check out this overview of other medical treatments and at-home steps to try for SUI.

Flyte is the FDA-cleared, clinically proven treatment for pelvic floor muscle strength and bladder control.

Flyte® - the easy, effective, and proven at-home treatment for bladder leaks

Flyte® - the easy, effective, and proven at-home treatment for bladder leaks

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