Myths about bladder leaks

Myths about bladder leaks keep women stuck — coping with the problem instead of exploring solutions. We’re busting the 4 biggest misconceptions about stress urinary incontinence.

It’s a normal part of aging.
Um, no. Incontinence is common, but shouldn’t be considered “just a part of aging or childbirth.” This myth has single-handedly deterred many women from seeking treatment. It’s time to question assumptions. Arm yourself with information about solutions that can significantly reduce or eliminate leaks. Say yes to treating rather than just coping.


Left untreated, leaks won’t get better.

Surgery is the only solution.
Wrong. Major medical associations such as American College of Physicians recommend trying conservative options first including pelvic floor muscle therapy for stress urinary incontinence (SUI). For women who want to avoid surgery, Flyte is a proven safe, effective and affordable alternative to surgery to treat SUI. Flyte substantially reduces or cures bladder leakage in many women with SUI – without the risks of surgery. And Flyte can help women with mild, moderate or severe leaks.


Kegel exercises don’t work.
Truth is, Kegels can be effective for women with SUI caused by weak or uncoordinated pelvic floor muscles. Kegel pelvic floor exercises are backed by strong clinical evidence. In fact, they’re recommended as a first-line treatment by organizations like the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and the American College of Physicians. But you need to do them correctly. And you need to do a lot of them. That’s where Flyte comes in. Flyte is designed to be much more effective than Kegel exercises alone. Flyte’s patented mechanotherapy amplifies the benefit of a Kegel. This means that it takes a lot less time to see results — weeks not months. Flyte doesn’t just train — it treats.


Coping with pads is the easiest way to deal with it.
Sure, coping with pads might seem like the simplest solution because you can keep putting it off and avoid having to talk about it. It takes some time and effort to explore treatments. But left untreated, leaks won’t get better. They may get worse over time. You could be coping with pads for a LONG time. That’s a lot of time, inconvenience and money – hundreds of dollars each year for many women. But SUI can be treated and even cured. Talk to your doctor. Explore Flyte. It’s a simple, effective in-home treatment for bladder leaks that could help you ditch the pads.

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Flyte® - the easy, effective, and proven at-home treatment for bladder leaks

Flyte® - the easy, effective, and proven at-home treatment for bladder leaks

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