What is Mechanotherapy?

What is mechanotherapy and how does it help the body and the pelvic floor?

Our bodies are designed to sense, generate and respond to physical forces. In other words, the physical manipulation (through touch or physical therapy) or movement of our bodies influence our tissues and cells. Flyte leverages this natural process to heal and restore the pelvic floor through mechanotherapy.

During mechanotherapy, the Flyte wand makes contact with the pelvic floor muscles to provide a gentle, therapeutic stretch. The wand delivers mechanical pulses (which feel like a slight  vibration) to stimulate the pelvic floor. Flyte Therapy creates a cellular response in your pelvic floor muscles, creating a stronger pelvic floor — giving you more control over your bladder.

I’ve never heard of mechanotherapy. Where else has mechanotherapy been used?

Mechanotherapy is an established medical treatment that has been shown to be effective in the rehabilitation of muscles and other tissues. Physical therapists use mechanotherapy through therapeutic massage, exercises and procedures to help patients relieve pain and heal from illness or injury. Physical therapy (also called physiotherapy) is a form of mechanotherapy.