Why Consider Flyte?

At Pelvital, we want to help women treat conditions like urinary incontinence, not just cope with symptoms. Our first product, Flyte, is a simple, effective in-home treatment. It’s non surgical, clinically studied, FDA cleared and available with or without a prescription. Here are 5 reasons to consider treating your bladder leaks with Flyte.

Simple. If only there was a pill designed to cure SUI leaks! There isn’t. But there’s Flyte, an easy-to-use intravaginal device that you use at home for a few minutes each day to strengthen and treat the pelvic floor for women suffering from stress urinary incontinence (SUI). Flyte provides visual guidance, making it easy to follow along.

Proven Effective. Flyte reduces bladder leaks – both the frequency of episodes and volume of urine – in women with mild, moderate or severe SUI. In clinical study, most women using Flyte as directed saw marked improvement or were continent.

Fast. Just five minutes a day for 6 weeks. Flyte is one of the fastest in-home pelvic floor muscle-strengthening SUI treatment cleared by the FDA.

Heals and Restores. Flyte is the only FDA cleared in-home pelvic floor treatment that uses mechanotherapy to promote a healing response within the cells of the pelvic floor muscles, restoring bladder control. Most home-use pelvic floor devices simply teach you how to perform a Kegel by providing biofeedback. Flyte does more than just train. Flyte treats SUI and offers biofeedback so you can be confident as you follow along.

Conservative. For women who want to avoid SUI surgery, Flyte is a safe and effective alternative. In clinical trial, all the women who tried Flyte were able to avoid surgery at 2-year follow up with 77% reporting continued continence.

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Flyte is the FDA-cleared, clinically proven treatment for pelvic floor muscle strength and bladder control.

Flyte® - the easy, effective, and proven at-home treatment for bladder leaks

Flyte® - the easy, effective, and proven at-home treatment for bladder leaks

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