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Women spend almost half their lives in menopause, so a key to enjoying our golden years is learning to manage and even reverse unwanted symptoms. If you are dealing with symptoms such as urinary incontinence, mood swings, hot flashes, and more, take a look at the resources below. Check out our other blog posts for more information.

The Menopause-Incontinence Link
Why Treatment for Stress Incontinence is Vital
Demystifying the Pelvic Floor

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Seventy-three percent of women with urinary incontinence 3 months postpartum still report urinary incontinence at 6 years postpartum. Don’t wait until it worsens, educate yourself with the links below to begin treating your postpartum incontinence now. Start with these and then explore our blog for more information that may be helpful to you!

5 Reasons Why Every Postpartum Plan Should Include Kegels
Six Exercises for Pelvic Organ Prolapse
How to Do Kegels Correctly

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If you’ve been told that you should stop exercising due to your bladder leaks, then you know how unhelpful that advice is. Take back your power by learning more about bladder leaks associated with sports and exercises so you can better make informed decisions for treatment. Begin here and explore our Blog for more.

How to Stop Leaking Urine When Running
To Kegel or Not To Kegel
6 Things Every Woman Should Know About Bladder Leaks and Sex

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See what our customers have to say


“I'm so happy that I purchased this product! Within one week of using Flyte®, I started to see and feel results. I continued to have a decrease in leakage and could feel my muscles getting stronger over the course of the next six weeks of use.”


"I have been using Flyte® daily for 3+ weeks and have already experienced a huge improvement. I used to have bladder leaks EVERY time I exercised, sneezed, coughed, etc. Now, I have very little to no leakage. This is life changing."


"Flyte® is by far the best device I have used for bladder leakage and incontinence. The easy to follow instructions, set up, care make it not only user friendly but a routine I can stick with. I saw results within just a few days. I would highly recommend Flyte®!"


"I love the Flyte®!! I needed it badly. I’m 82 years old. It worked wonders for me and I’m so glad I found out about it. I can now travel without having to stop in every city to use the bathroom."


"I have been able to jog and jump rope without leaks and I no longer wear a pad and am confident without it!"


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