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Meet Flyte!


The Norwegian innovation helping thousands of women break free from bladder leaks in 5 minutes per day for 6 weeks.

Flyte is the only FDA-cleared treatment to use the proven modality of mechanotherapy to treat stress urinary incontinence and help you tone pelvic floor muscles in the privacy of your home.


What is Flyte and how does it work?

Flyte is a simple, effective bladder leak treatment for stress urinary incontinence (SUI).

Just 5 minutes per day for six weeks.

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What are Flyte users saying?

See Shelly's Flyte review (recorded and shared with permission)


"Best product on the market"

This product is amazing. After 1 week I saw improvements, after 6 weeks I am able to lift 50 pound bales of hay without leakage. I'm amazed at how working and developing muscles that were injured from surgery can become strong again. Pelvital gave me my lifestyle back. This product makes so much sense. Muscles get injured or lazy like any other muscle in your body, they need work to stay in shape.


"So glad I did this"

"I had been dealing with leakage during my work outs. Both my mother and sister had surgery for the same issue. However, it did not correct things for either of them. I did not want to have surgery and am so glad I heard about Flyte through my doctor. I am so pleased I went this route. I started using Flyte daily just over six weeks ago and have experienced a significant change in my bladder control. I have had minimal, if any leakage during my workouts. I plan on continuing to use Flyte as It only takes five minutes a day and the results are amazing. I figure they can only get better and help keep my pelvic floor strong. If you have had any problem with leaking, I would definitely give this a try. Great customer support, easy to use and non-invasive. Well worth every dime!" 


"Great results"

"I had been suffering with SUI during exercise (and coughing and sneezing) for years now. I thought the only real solution was surgery. I am so glad I found a effective non-invasive product. I have seen great progress over the 6 weeks I have used it. I have decreased leakage during activities and feel like my muscles are stronger. The device is SO easy to use and its only for 5 min a day! I am going to continue to use it to see if I can see even greater results! Thank you Pelvital for a great non-invasive therapy!"


"I highly recommend this product"

"I had amazing success with Flyte Therapy and I’m so happy that I purchased this product! Within one week of using Flyte, I started to see and feel results. I continued to have a decrease in leakage and could feel my muscles getting stronger over the course of the next six weeks of use. When I started with Flyte Therapy, I was using two to three panty liners per day. I am down to one per day with most days not even having any leakage. Flyte is extremely easy to use and I really appreciate that I could use it in the privacy of my own home! I found that dedicating five minutes a day to use this device was easy to build into my routine as well. I highly recommend this product to any woman that is experiencing urine leakage!"


Flyte Review

I've used the product for over six weeks now. It was recommended to me by a staff member of my gynecologist's office. It is easy to use and if I ever have any questions, I contact someone in Customer Care and they are always ready to help. Because I have a prolapse issue my results weren't as dramatic as they could have been. However, I feel that strengthening my pelvic floor muscles is always a beneficial thing to do. It is nice to own this product and thus avoid doctor's office visits for treatments. I think it's worth a try!


"Take Flyte and get right"

Let me start off by saying customer service is superb. I signed up for text msg and every once and a while I would receive a text asking how everything was going. By accident I replied that it wasn't and within 2 days I received a call asking what kind of problems I was having. Also when I purchased, there was a coupon that I did not know about and they let me know about it and refunded me the difference. Now off to Flyte. It was easy to setup, charge and use. I have found that the Flyte helps me to see just how well I am squeezing which is a plus. Also I like that I don't have to count because Flyte does it for me. I wasn't expecting a miracle, because my pelvic muscles were weak from child birth. I started to use this prior to going to physical therapy since there was a 2 month wait. About time I went I was stronger down there. Also I am able to go hrs without have to run to the rest room before have an accident.


"Great product!"

I learned about Flyte from a friend who works in women’s health. I did not consider my leaks to be serious – really just laughing, coughing and sneezing induced. However, over the last few years it seemed to be increasing in frequency and amount and I wondered if it would continue to get worse as I age. After ordering Flyte and getting used to the therapy, it did not take long to realize it works! I have not had any leakage while coughing sneezing or laughing since I started using Flyte a month ago. I would recommend Flyte to any woman concerned about growing older and becoming more seriously incontinent. I think it’s a great preventative option for women like me and absolutely worth the investment!

Flyte's Norwegian roots

How it all started!

Flyte was originally developed by physicians at the Arctic University of Norway and other experts in gynecology, muscle rehabilitation, and urinary incontinence treatments.

  • Two clinical trials studied the safety and effectiveness of Flyte, in Norway and the United States. 
  • The name Flyte comes from the Norwegian word “flytte,” which connotes freedom: freedom from pads or surgery. Freedom to enjoy life! 
  • Flyte was cleared by the FDA in 2020 and is available in the United States without a prescription.

1 in 2 women in the U.S. suffer from urinary incontinence. Most are undiagnosed and untreated. We believe this needs to change.

Flyte uses a unique, proprietary technology to deliver mechanotherapy, a proven method for healing and strengthening muscle systems. Mechanotherapy has not been used to target pelvic floor muscles until now. 

After a successful study in Norway, we sponsored the P-SUIT Trial, one of the largest multi-center randomized, double-blind study for an in-home product designed to treat incontinence.  

We're developing products that leverage the body's natural process to heal and restore the pelvic floor. 

Today, Flyte is led by a passionate team of women dedicated to helping women improve their lives with easy-to-use, clinically proven products.


How is Flyte different than some other options available online?

Flyte is does NOT use electrical stimulation and is not just a Kegel trainer. Unlike Kegel trainers, Flyte doesn't just offer biofeedback to help you contract your pelvic floor muscles. It's a treatment that initiates and leverages your body's natural healing response to strengthen and tone your pelvic floor muscles. Flyte is the only at-home treatment to use the proven modality of mechanotherapy to achieve results. Flyte is backed by 15 years of research and development including rigorous clinical studies to prove it is safe and effective. 

With Flyte, you also have access to expert education and support. Because we are staffed by pelvic floor physical therapists, you can treat at home, but you're not alone. With our free Ask a PT service, we're here when you need us. 

Is Flyte effective?

Flyte reduces bladder leaks in women with mild, moderate or severe stress urinary incontinence. In clinical trial, 71% of women using Flyte were dry or near dry in 2 - 12 weeks. 

Who can use Flyte?

Flyte is designed to strengthen and tone weak pelvic floor muscles, which has been found to help women with stress urinary incontinence - bladder leaks that are triggered by things like cough, laugh, sneeze, exercise, or lift things.