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Flyte® - the easy, effective, and proven at-home treatment for bladder leaks

Flyte® - the easy, effective, and proven at-home treatment for bladder leaks

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 Flyte® is the only at-home intravaginal device that delivers the proven modality of mechanotherapy to treat stress urinary incontinence and strengthen pelvic floor muscles at home.

  • In a clinical study, 82.9% of women were continent in as little as 5 minutes a day for 6 weeks!
  • Flyte® is equally effective for mild, moderate and severe leaks.
  • Flyte® has been shown to be 39 times more effective than doing Kegels alone.

Flyte® does more than just train. Flyte® treats!

  • FDA cleared

  • Use in the privacy of your home

  • 5 minutes per day. Results in weeks.

  • Money Back Performance Guarantee

  • Free shipping and sales tax-exempt

  • HSA/FSA eligible expense

  • No prescription needed

  • Flyte® comes with a one year warranty 

Treat at home, but not alone!

Beyond being a device that you can use at home at your convenience, with Flyte®, you also have access to expert education and support. Now, when you treat at home, you are not alone!