Top 10 questions you ask about Flyte

We talk with a lot of women who are curious about Flyte. There are so many women living with bladder leaks. They want answers! And at Pelvital, we want to help women determine if Flyte is a good fit and support them along the way. So here are our top 10 questions that women ask about Flyte.

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How to supercharge Kegels with Flyte

How to do a Kegel and supercharge results with Flyte

Many women aren’t sure how to do Kegel exercises. See how from our pelvic floor physical therapist.

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Your Bladder’s 7 Self-Care Resolutions

For better bladder health, these are the self-care habits to consider to help keep urinary symptoms in check.

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Demystifying the pelvic floor

Most women don’t know a lot about the pelvic floor — what it is, what role it plays and the problems that can happen when the pelvic floor does not work as well as it should. Leah Fulker, PT, DPT, explains what women should know about the pelvic floor in this informative video.

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3 tips to reduce SUI leaks

If you’re experiencing bladder leaks during exercise or physical activity, check out these 3 expert techniques to reduce SUI leaks.

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Why you need to seriously consider treating bladder leaks

As a healthcare provider, here’s why I urge women to seek help for bladder leaks sooner rather than later.

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To Kegel or not to Kegel

You might find yourself wondering, are Kegels are right for me? This is a great question! Generally, Kegel exercises are a good first-line treatment for urinary incontinence, specifically stress urinary incontinence, and help to support bladder function during day-to-day activities. But Kegels are not right…

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6 things every woman should know about bladder leaks and sex

Bladder leaks and sex? In the realm of uncomfortable topics, this one can be pretty uncomfortable. Here are six things every woman should know about leaking urine during sex.

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5 reasons why every post-partum plan should include Kegels

Pregnancy and childbirth can lead to pelvic floor problems. Here are 5 reasons why Kegels can be important for post-partum mothers.

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6 tips for managing pelvic organ prolapse symptoms

Pelvic organ prolapse is common and can be treated. Self-care measures may help reduce symptoms.

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Bladder leaks? Avoid these 4 drinks

Many beverages we enjoy are bladder irritants and can worsen urinary incontinence. Here are four types drinks to limit or avoid and tips to help savor the flavors and lessen bladder worries.

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Pelvital partners with telehealth physical therapy provider

At Pelvital, we help many women strengthen the pelvic floor and regain bladder control. Our product, Flyte, along with expert support from our clinician-led customer care team, helps many women. Some women want or need extra help for more complex issues. In these cases, we…

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Medical treatments for stress urinary incontinence

If you are living with bladder leaks, you should know that medical treatments for stress urinary incontinence (SUI) are available that may bring much needed relief. At Pelvital, we’ve introduced Flyte, a non-surgical, use-at-home option that strengthens the pelvic floor muscles to treat SUI. As…

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4 tips to reduce bladder leaks in the winter

Winter can present some specific challenges for women dealing with bladder leaks. Learn why and what you can do.

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At-home steps to help with bladder leaks

If you are living with bladder leaks, you’re probably wondering, “How do I take care of this problem? I want it to stop!” The good news is there are some things you can try at home. (You’ve heard of Kegel exercises but keep reading for…

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